Goddess Soothing Yoni Steam

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Goddess Soothing Yoni Steam
Goddess Soothing Yoni Steam
Goddess Soothing Yoni Steam
This is my all-around handcrafted steam , made of organic herbs and flowers for a wide-range of benefits for overall womb wellness.
  • Yoni Steam also known as (vaginal steam) or cleanse is an ancient ritual passed down through generations of women to help guide moist heat to the womb. Visualize a personal steam room made particularly just for your womb used to help revitalize your female reproductive system through increased heat circulation , combined with herbs. This is a intimate therapy section for your womb.
  • Instructions

    Boil water for 10-15 min, while boiling pour herbs into pot let simmer for five minutes. Find yourself a cozy spot to sit. Remove clothing from the waist down, create a tent with blankets around your body, and position your bottom over the steaming steam for 15-30 minutes, taking care that the water is not too hot.

     DO NOT use while pregnant, during menstruation or while using an Intrauterine device.

    Ingredients: Yarrow , Calendula , Chamomile , Shepheds Purse , Rose Petals , Raspberry Leaf , and Red Clover.

    You get 2-3 uses out of one package. Dont use the whole thing at one time .